Bonus system
Dear investors and partners, today we give the opportunity to receive additional bonuses!

We give the opportunity to earn even to those who have a minimum deposit in our company.

We present you a new section of our company 'Bonus System', where everyone can get additional funds to their balance!

You can earn up to $ 100 for creating a video review, and up to $ 10 for a post on your page.

Our company has been working for only 20 days, and already occupies a leading position among investment projects, we thank everyone for choosing us!

In just 20 days of work, there are more than 19,000 participants in the system, and 1,130,000 USD were invested!

We do our best so that you can earn anywhere in the world with LIBRA CAPITAL!
Libra Token and Development Plans
Dear investors and partners, we are opening new doors to the world of cryptocurrencies today!

We have created our own cryptocurrency LIBRA (LBR), which will bring you colossal income when you add our token on the exchanges!

From now on, we make distribution absolutely free to everyone who has funds on their balance of at least $ 10 - trust us and take the path of a successful investor!

LIBRA CAPITAL does not offer to buy our tokens, we assign only a free distribution (AIRDROP) to those who believe in us and our future together with you!

The emission of coins is only 1,000,000, 700,000 tokens will be distributed as AIRDROP, which you will receive for keeping funds in your accounts!

Tokens are accrued every minute, let's give an example: you have $ 100 on your balance, then in 24 hours you will be credited with 10 LBR tokens.

The approximate value of our coin on the exchanges will be $ 100 for 1 LBR token.

Our LBR tokens, everyone can withdraw to any wallet for storing ERC-20 tokens, without commission.

We are opening a roadmap for 2020, after the full completion we will open our plans for 2021.

The LIBRA CAPITAL team will do everything possible to become the best investment project for 2020-2021!
Booster your profit
A new feature that allows you to earn even more!

Introducing Booster x0.5, x0.7 and x1!

With it, your tariff plan will change, and you can get up to 200% profit from the tariff plan.

How Booster works - it is only available for 2-3-4 tariff plans. When you activate Booster, you get 50%, 70% or 100% profit, depending on your tariff plan.

Let's give an example: your deposit is $ 10,000, without a booster your profit will be $ 420, if you activate Booster your profit for 24 hours will be $ 840.

Booster works only for 24 hours, and you can activate it again only after 10 days.

In just 16 days of the company's work, we attracted more than 11,000 investors, and more than 600,000 USD were invested!

We wish you all double profits, with the use of Booster - your profits will grow up to two times faster!
Agreement with an international bank
Very good news for investors from CIS countries!

We spent a lot of time negotiating with the bank, but we have successfully negotiated the terms and signed an agreement with an international bank.

Now all investors from the CIS countries have an excellent opportunity to invest through their plastic cards VISA and MASTERCARD!

The maximum amount for one top-up is 150,000 rubles, all transfers are converted into rubles through your bank.

Payments at this time for investors from the CIS who invest with plastic cards will be available only on YandexMoney, Qiwi and Payeer (RUB).

Get profit every second with LIBRA CAPITAL!
Website translation and adding cryptocurrencies
The work is in full swing, we are not sitting still and doing everything to scale LIBRA CAPITAL!

Over the past 2 days, we have added statistics to your personal account, search for a referral by login.

3 language versions of the site were added at once: Turkey, China and English-speaking investors can now safely invest in LIBRA CAPITAL!

We also added cryptocurrency payment systems in the form of TETHER (USDT ERC-20) and Litecoin!

We will soon add the rest of the cryptocurrency systems in the form of XRP and BCH.

At this time, the total number of participants in 13 days of work is more than 7,700, and more than 350,000 USD have been invested.

We wish you all high profits with LIBRA CAPITAL!
2 FA protecting your account
Complete protection of your account from intruders!

Today we are adding a new feature to protect your funds and account 2FA verification.

Go to Account Settings to connect.

We strongly recommend that each participant connect 2FA, for your own safety!

Over 10 days more than 16,000,000 rubles were invested, more than 5,500 participants were involved.
We will be adding many language translations to the company's website very soon.

Only 40% of our investors are from CIS countries, the rest are China, Vietnam, USA, Spain and Portugal.

We wish you all good luck with LIBRA CAPITAL!
Google Play Market
Mobile app release with GOOGLE PLAY!

Our team of professionals is constantly working to improve LIBRA CAPITAL!

Today everyone can download our app from GOOGLE PLAY and use it on their mobile device.

We are also negotiating with APP STORE to have its own version for iPhone mobile phones.

For 8 days, more than 10,500,000 rubles were invested, very good results and we are just gaining momentum and an advertising campaign, soon many will talk about us on YouTube!

Make profit every second with our company.

We wish you all good luck with LIBRA CAPITAL!
Launch of the Internet project LIBRA CAPITAL!
On behalf of the management of LIBRA CAPITAL, we are pleased to announce that today's date has become the moment of the official launch of the LIBRA CAPITAL Internet project.

In the future, we will tell you in more detail about all the intricacies of working with the project, and now we invite you to register on our website and become our most devoted investor!
Clients' feedback Google Play - download SmartLibra